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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Angry Mike's Gym?

Mike has always been loud and enthusiastic about fitness, in a good way.  He's passionate about helping people reach goals.  His goal however, is to give everyone the best possible experience at Angry Mike's Gym.  He and all of our coaches work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere for people from all walks of life.  Come check us out and let us know how we do!

What to bring?

We will provide all of the equipment necessary for you to complete the workout.  You should dress in shorts and a t-shirt or general workout clothes.  Most people bring their own water but we can provide that too!

If it is your first class ever at Angry Mike's Gym please show up a little early to sign a waiver!  

Are Kids able to join Angry Mike's Gym?

This depends on the kid!  We have some members who started at 12 years old and were able to pick it up and stay focused during class.  We have had older kids find it hard to stay engaged in an adult environment.  So if you think your kid might be interested shoot us an email at or call us at 412-545-3932.  Thanks!

Is this type of training right for me?

Our short answer: YES

We think functional high intensity training makes a huge difference both mentally and physically.  It doesn't matter if it will be your first experience with exercise or if you're an experienced fitness enthusiast looking for a new challenge.  We think what we do at Angry Mike's Gym really makes a difference in people's lives.  So whether young or old, new or seasoned, unsure or ready, Angry Mike's Gym is right for you.

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